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【學術活動】CFP-EAWIE 2018




Dear Colleagues,


I am Prof. Lee, Gyu M. at Pusan National University and I happened to be organizing the 5th EAWIE with another Prof. Lee, Chulung at Korea University.

Attached is the CFP that I have prepared. The website will be available soon and the abstract/extended abstract upload will be enabled soon.


The registration will be about $300, which includes refreshments during the industry tour, one buffet welcome party, a lunch, one conference dinner (or more).


For JIMA and CIIE, if you want to add some people in IAB, please let me know. I expect them to participate in EAWIE. Any thing on CFP is tentative and please let me know if any issue is raised.


I believe that Prof. Tae-Eog Lee will make some suggestions for the future of EAWIE soon.




Prof. Gyu M. Lee, Ph.D

Editor-In-Chief, Industrial Journal of Industrial Engineering: Theory, Applications and Practice

Department of Industrial Engineering

Pusan National University, Korea




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