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具國內外博士學位或助理教授以上資格。 109/8/1 前取得博士學位證書者亦可。
人工智慧、資料科學、大數據、機器學習、工業 4.0、科學計算、金融科技等相關領域及其應用
四、聘 期
109年8月1日 起聘


    1. 履歷資料:請至下列網址登錄、列印本校「徵才系統」履歷 

    2. 博士學位證書影本(109/8/1 前可取得博士學位證書者,請附指導教授同意函)

    3. 教師證書影本(初次任教者免)

    4. 研究所成績單(碩、博士)

    5. 推薦信1至3封

    6. 博士論文全文 

    7. 著作目錄表

    8. 代表性著作全文

    9. 其他有利審查之資料(學經歷證明(學界與業界)、產學合作、國際合作交流...)


109年2月7日前 掛號寄達:

43301 台中市沙鹿區台灣大道七段 200 號 靜宜大學 資料科學暨大數據分析與應用學系 收 』 



系主任:羅主斌(Line Id:cplo1968、
電話:04-26328001 轉 15051 或 15053
傳真:(04) 2631-4846


Job Posting
(for Assistant, Associate Professor, or Full Professor) 



Department of Data Science and Big Data Analytics, Providence University, Taichung, Taiwan 

Department website:

【Employment Type】
Full-time teacher or project contract teacher. The contract teacher can be transferred to full-time one depending on performance. 



Applicants must hold a Ph.D. or an equivalent degree. Those who can obtain a doctorate certificate before 2020/8/1 are also qualified.

【Area of Specialization】
Artificial intelligence (AI), data science, big data, machine learning, industry 4.0 (Smart manufacturing), scientific computing, financial technology (FinTech) and other related fields and their applications 


【Proposed Start Date】Appointed from August 1, 2020


【Required Documents】

  1. Curriculum vitae 

  2. Photocopy of doctorate certificate (for those who can obtain a doctorate certificate before 2020/8/1, please attach the consent letter from the advisor) 

  3. A copy of the teacher certificate (exempt for first-time teachers) 

  4. Graduate transcript (Master, Ph.D.) 

  5. Recommendation letters 1 to 3 

  6. Full text of Ph.D. dissertation 

  7. Publications List 

  8. Full text of representative works 

  9. Other useful materials for review (certificate of experience (academic and industry), industry- academia cooperation, international cooperation and exchange ...)


【Deadline for Application】

Applications must be sent by registered postal mail to the following address before 2020/2/7: 200, Sec. 7, Taiwan Boulevard, Shalu Dist., Taichung City 43301 Taiwan
Department of Data Science and Big Data Analytics, Providence University
Please mark “Application for Teacher” on the front of the envelope. 


【Contact person】
• Department Secretary : Miss Huang; Email: 

• Chair : Chu-Pin Lo (Line Id: cplo1968, Email:

• Tel: +886-4-26328001 ext. 15051 or 15053; Fax: +886-4-26314846 

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