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【論文競賽】2024 National Master’s Thesis Competition in Industrial Engineering and Management Final round contestants and pre-contest instructions




Registration for the 2024 National Master’s Thesis Competition in Industrial Engineering and Management sponsored by CIIE closed on June 13. The final review will be a physical report. The required documents, final review method, and contestant list are as follows:

一、Documents required before finals

(1) Report presentation file (.ppt): 15-20 pages.
      Please set the thesis code as the file name (for example N001.ppt).

(2) The report’s content must be anonymous, without revealing information about the thesis, such as the name of the college/university, or supervisor (including co-advisor). Please upload the presentation file (PPT format) before June 28 (Friday) via Google form:

二、Final round method

  1. Date:July 05 (Friday)
    12:50~13:20 Registration (Room E108, Dept. of Industrial Engineering and Enterprise Information)
    13:30~14:15 Oral reports of each group
    14:15~16:30 Break and discussion time 
                          The staff calculates the results and prints certificates

    16:40~17:30 Award Ceremony (E108)
    【Contestants should wait at the award ceremony venue before 16:40.】

  2. Report location: Tunghai University (No. 1727, Sec. 4, Taiwan Boulevard, Xitun District, Taichung City)

  3. Award ceremony location: Tunghai University

  4. Each contestant will have a total of 15 minutes, including 12 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for Q&A.
    • The bell will ring when there are 2 minutes left in the reporting time. When the reporting time is over, the bell will ring three times. Please stop the report immediately! 
    • If the contestant group doesn't show up when is called, the next group will report. After the last person has finished reporting, the staff will call the late-arrived groups again. If they are still not present, it will be considered an abstention.

  5. Review items: research motivation, research methods, and processes, innovation, practicality, expected benefits, etc. as well as verbal expression and response-ability, etc.

  6. Contestants must be present and report in person; otherwise, they will be considered to have given up.

  7. The primary review is conducted anonymously. According to the result of the primary review, all theses that enter the final review are as follows (sorted by registration number):

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